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He’s a jack of all trades.

Obi Nwankwo: Modern-Day Renaissance Man

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You may have seen Obi Nwankwo in ads for Puma and Gucci, but Obi has a deeper story to tell. Succeeding in Athletics, Corporate America, and Hollywood - Obi Nwankwo has discovered his Midas touch.

Why Does Every Brand Want To Work With Rising Star Obi Nwankwo?

by: Nicole Lusting

So why is it crucial for every big brand to work with hotshot talent Obi Nwankwo? Because he
delivers EVERY TIME! When it comes to camera presence, energy, talent, consistency, work
ethic, reliability, and creative input it makes sense why all the big brands come running to Obi,
week after week. 

Lisa Obi Nwankwo is up next!

by: Hardcore Flava

Having explored and succeeded in a variety of avenues and ventures, Obi Nwankwo is the Modern- Day Renaissance man. “The secret sauce is faith, consistency, and being ready for opportunities”, says Obi Nwankwo reflectively.


Meet Obi Nwankwo: Jack of All Trades, Master of All

by: Ryann Pierre

Jack of All Trades and Master of All Obi Nwankwo is multi-faceted and has built an unassailable reputation anchored on his versatility and exceptional ability to adapt and conquer. Carrying an intriguing mix of experience in his portfolio, it’s apparent that Obi excels and raises the bar in everything he sets his mind to.

Want to Run Faster? Add Strides to Your Training Plan

Outside Online

Strides have been a mainstay of Obi Nwankwo's weekly routine since he first learned about them as a collegiate runner. Why? They're crazy simple and provide a speed-boosting payoff. Looking for more pro tips and speed-building drills? Check out our Simplified Guide to Speedwork.


21 Questions: "Going From Broke" with Obi Nwankwo

by: Jhenene Louis

24-year-old Boston native Obi Nwankwo is the face of New Balance Athletics and emerging talent on the high fashion scene. When he’s not auditioning for roles or walking the runway shows at New York’s fashion week you can find him in Ashton Kutcher’s docu-series “Going from Broke” on the Crackle television network.

The Force is Strong in Obi

by: Dan Rubin

Nwankwo broke the school's 400-meter record this year and has already established himself as one of the best sprinters in Boston College history.


Canton Grad Featured on New Streaming Series

by: Cadence Paris

The name Obi Nwankwo is a familiar one to many who follow CHS sports. A 2013 graduate, he was known for his track accomplishments, particularly the 400-meter dash. He excelled in that event at Boston College — breaking school records in both individual and relay events — and set his sights on running professionally.

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